Pulse-Lok® Medical Connectors

Pulse-Lok® Interconnect Solutions

The Pulse-Lok® series are field-proven interconnect solutions that feature an auto-coupling latch mechanism that gives distinct confirmation that a secure connection is made with every use. Pulse-Lok®, available in multiple housing materials such as metal and plastic, comes in various sizing options to meet your particular needs.

Amphenol Alden - Who We Are

As a well-established leader in the medical interconnect industry, we've been providing medical connectors that meet the high demand for lightweight, ergonomic connectors that have been field-tested as secure and reliable for over 40 years. All medical interconnects designed by Amphenol Alden, be they standard product or custom designs, are engineered and comprehensively tested to ensure they perform each and every time. With extensive research and development behind all of our products, every unit is manufactured in a highly controlled, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility supported by world-class quality control systems and assurance teams. 

Having facilities and personnel that meet these high standards is necessary for ensuring our exceptional support of our customers as we develop medical interconnect solutions for them, who in turn provide outstanding care to their patients. After comparing our line of products and consulting with our experts, you'll soon come to see that these are only some of the many reasons why Pulse-Lok® is better than the competition.

Benefits of Pulse-Lok® Medical Connectors

Customers looking to make a switch to a more suitable connector turn to Amphenol Alden because of the many benefits our technology provides:

  • Configurable. Pulse-Lok® connectors are available with five shell sizes, many pole-counts, and colors, and multiple housing materials (i.e., plastic, metal-plated plastic, metal), making it easy for you to configure a unique look for your particular needs.
  • Customizable. When you know you like the size and feel of Pulse-Lok® but don't see the exact insulator configuration you need, we can quickly design and tool a custom insulator to meet your specific requirements.
  • More contacts in a smaller size. Our medical connectors support high-density circuits, fitting more data transmission lines using less room than our competition. 
  • Durability. Pulse-Lok® presents our partners with an exceptionally robust product at a great value.
  • Easier mating/unmating:  Compared to traditional push-pull connectors, whose latch mechanism may increase the mating and un-mating forces of the connector, Amphenol Alden's contributes almost no additional force to the process.

Appropriate For Your Applications

Pulse-Lok® medical connectors are appropriate for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Cosmetic surgery. Devices that apply microwave, RF, or ultrasound energy for tightening skin, reducing fat, and eliminating blemishes call for auto-coupling connectors that are intuitive and ergonomic.
  • Defibrillation. In an emergency environment where every second counts, organizations need cable assemblies that are rugged and reliable to deliver the required electricity used for cardiac patients.
  • Electrophysiology. We offer multiple, off-the-shelf colors and keyways, ensuring multiple Pulse-Lok® assemblies can be safely used on a single device.
  • Minimally invasive surgery. Deploying an endoscope requires a system that delivers clear imagery consistently, from first use to after the cable assembly has been cleaned and sterilized hundreds of times.
  • Patient monitoring. For those who need disposable devices, Pulse-Lok® RG-N line of reverse gender products offers affordable solutions.

This list is by no means comprehensive and is only meant to give you an idea of the range of applications made possible with our medical connectors. If you do not see your application here, please connect with us to discuss how to provide a solution for you.

Questions About Using Pulse-Lok® Medical Connectors? We're Here to Help

At Amphenol Alden, our experts have 40 years of experience in medical connectors and cable assemblies, which is one reason why we have a stellar reputation in the industry. What's more, we offer cost-effective solutions which result in many referrals and repeat business from customers across the country.

Chances are that you and your colleagues would like to learn more about Amphenol Alden and our approach to manufacturing medical connectors or custom cable assemblies. We would be happy to serve as your trusted resource. After all, it's our product, and our connector experts know how to use it best.

To place an order or learn more about how Pulse-Lok® medical connectors or pulseOne cable assemblies can work in your organization, contact us today!