Medi | Mate Medical Connectors

Bringing Amphenol’s quality and service to traditional push-pull connectors

Medi Mate Cable Attachments

When your product requires compatibility with existing push-pull connectors, Amphenol Alden’s medi | mate product line offers the interconnects you want with the service you need.

Medi | mate connector kits combine the familiarity of circular push-pull interconnects with Amphenol’s unparalleled commitment to quality products. Sterilizable, reliable, and robust, medi | mate is available in multiple keying and color options enabling fast and safe product identification wherever multiple interconnects are used. When you need more than connector solution, Amphenol Alden is ready to support you with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing medical cable assemblies. We offer medi | mate in custom, semi-custom, and build-to-print cable assemblies.

Product Highlights Include:

  • From 2 to 14 positions: Contact size and bolt pattern are compatible with existing industry solutions
  • 6 keyways and 7 colors available: Multiple keying and color options reduce the risk of mis-mating and improve patient safety
  • Polysulfone (PSU) and Polyetherimide (PEI) housings available: Compatible with EtO and autoclave sterilization as well as many chemical disinfectant wipe downs
  • Cable assembly options available: Whether you need a build-to-print solution or something more unique, our design and manufacturing expertise helps you extract more value from your cable assembly
  • Splash-proof options available: IP-64 rated plug and receptacle options available off-the-shelf

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Medi | Mate Medical Connector FAQ

What are medical connectors?

A medical connector is an electrical interconnect designed for use with medical devices in healthcare environments (hospitals, clinicals, and/or home healthcare).

Why choose a Medi | Mate Medical Connector?

Medi | Mate connectors are a high-quality alternative to industry prevalent push-pull connector systems, offering performance equivalence in a cost-effective product. 

Do Medi | Mate connectors intermate with existing OEM competitor’s products?

Yes, Medi | Mate is intermateable with many connector configurations offered by OEM competitors.