Medical Cable Assemblies & Connectors

Better interconnect solutions for better patient care

Amphenol Alden Products is a leading provider of cable assemblies and connectors for a wide variety of medical applications. As a preferred partner to ‘Top 30’ and entrepreneurial medical device companies alike, we provide interconnect solutions that leverage our extensive expertise in design and manufacturing – for simple products like high voltage wire connectors to complex medical cable assemblies. Working from our partners’ preliminary set of performance requirements, we create design proposals for products that will meet your needs, subject them to rigorous design verification testing to assure their performance, and deliver those products throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Contact us today so that together, as partners, we can create a solution specifically designed to help you diagnose, treat, and monitor patient health. From custom cable assemblies to medical connectors, we have the right solution for you. Follow the links below to see how we can assist you in providing better patient care.

About Amphenol Alden

As a technologically-driven solutions provider, Amphenol Alden is your preferred partner for medical interconnects. Our professionals have extensive experience designing custom cable assemblies and connectors, and, like our partners, we understand the needs and demands of the medical industry.

Our engineers create user-friendly, reliable, and robust medical products found in equipment ranging from aesthetic to electrosurgical therapy, defibrillation to patient monitoring devices, x-ray to 4k UHD imaging systems, and more. Whether your device is used during initial diagnosis through treatment to full recovery of the patient, our professionals will always deliver medical connectors that administer the energy needed to save lives.

Medical Cable Assemblies

Our experienced and innovative engineers adhere to the highest standards of design, quality, and risk management for all of the medical cable assemblies we develop. Our products are intuitive and specifically created for use within a medical environment, meeting from off-the-shelf components to specialized cable assemblies built to your exact specifications, we’re standing by to deliver the solution your organization needs.

High-Density Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Tomorrow’s medical devices frequently require more data transmission lines in smaller packages. This creates a need for interconnect solutions that require tighter contact pitches than what is available from industry-standard connectors. Our advanced medical interconnects, including our medi|stac® line of connectors, fulfill the market’s previously unmet need.

Fine-Gauge Wire Cable Assemblies

When the need arises to reduce the diameter of your current cable assemblies or to include more conductors in an existing size, Amphenol Alden Products is here to help. Our expertise in fine-gauge wire termination, with wires as small as 44AWG, allows us to deliver robust, reliable products you can depend on.

Sterilization-Compatible Cable Assemblies

In hospitals, dental offices, and other locations where sterilization is a critical priority, it’s important to know your cable assembly will survive your reprocessing protocols. Accordingly, we select our component materials specifically for your requirements and verify their performance using our in-house hospital-grade disinfection, sterilization, and cleaning equipment. This ensures the durability and reliability of our connectors and cable assemblies and helps assure the longevity of our partners’ products.

Hybrid Cable Assemblies

Integrating electrical, fluidic, optical, and pneumatic lines in a single interconnect creates a unified assembly. This streamlines the system’s interconnect layout, which is essential for avoiding misconnections, no matter your application.

Standard Products

Pulse-Lok® Medical Connectors

Each medical cable connector we design is meant to be lighter and more affordable compared to traditional circular metal connectors. They feature an auto-coupling latch mechanism that gives you secure connections thanks to audible, tactile, and visual feedback. They stay secure against unintended cord pulls.

pulseOne Medical Cable Assemblies

Available in 4 to 14 pole configurations, these cable assemblies are suitable for patient monitoring, delivering therapy, and many other applications. The intuitive push-pull operation is easy for providers and patients to use and is offered in both limited-use (<100 mating cycles) and multi-use (<5,000 mating cycles) configurations.

High Voltage Cable Assemblies

The high-voltage connector experts at Amphenol Alden have safety in mind while developing connectors. Oil-tight designs enable our connectors and cable assemblies to deliver high voltages in devices using dielectric transformer oil. They handle voltages ranging from 1kVDC to 100kVDC. Silicone over-molded connectors ensure reliable connections with multiple latching options.

Contact us or follow the links above to see how we can assist you in providing better patient care.