Research & Development

Innovation driven by curiosity, creativity and technology

Offering the expected and unexpected, Amphenol Alden's R&D capabilities are crucial to our success in delivering innovative and exceptional interconnect solutions. Beyond just a suite of equipment, our R&D team brings their extraordinary minds, extensive knowledge, and uniquely creative approaches to breaking down the challenges our partners face and delivering outstanding solutions.

Some of our more interesting capabilities include:

  • Vector Network Analyzers and Time Domain Reflectometers: Ensure high speed video signal integrity whether it's transmitted over LVDS twisted-pair, COAX, TRIAX or QUADRAX assemblies by confirming proper S- and T-parameters, open eye diagrams and other key electrical performance characteristics
  • High-Voltage testing to 100kV: Helping ensure our solutions are safe at any operating voltage, we offer a suite of equipment to confirm breakdown voltages exceed the required limit, anywhere from mV to in excess of 100kV in both AC & DC.  Our test capabilities include Corona Onset Qualification testing for sensitive applications
  • Sterilization Compatibility: Using in-house hospital grade cleaning, disinfection and sterilization equipment, we conduct research to better understand how various materials behave when subjected to reprocessing. Leveraging this knowledge, we select the optimum combination of materials that are appropriate for your application and conduct full verification against your reprocessing protocol
  • Hybrid Fiber Optic Assemblies: Creating hybrid fiber optic and copper cable assemblies requires a deep understanding of both technologies and how to best use them in application. We have the equipment and know-how to design, test and optimize a broad range of product characteristics for both electrical and optical transmission
  • Rapid Prototyping: Amphenol Alden Products' internal prototype lab adds the 'rapid' to 'prototyping' with dedicated staff and equipment, including 3D-printing, CNC mills and lathes, wire EDM machines, and more

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