Medi | stac ® High Density Fine - Pitch Interconnects

Putting even more signals in the palm of your hand

At 132 circuits and beyond, the Medi|stac® connector series provides a large number of signal lines in an ergonomic and cost-effective package.

Medi|stac®’s capabilities prove to be the perfect solution for any application requiring a high number of circuits including electrophysiology, ultrasound, and diagnostic equipment. By employing Amphenol’s patented cStack® high reliability contact system, a larger number of contacts can be achieved in a smaller form factor. Medi|stac® is designed to keep costs low for single-use applications with mass termination of fine gauge wire thanks to precisely spaced solder-pads mounted on the flex circuit tail. Adding intelligence is a snap through customization of our standard flex circuit with electronic components. Medi|stac® features the Pulse-Lok® auto-latching system to give an audible and tactile confirmation of mate.

Medi | stac ® High Density Fine - Pitch Interconnects

SPL12-132 Product Highlights Include:

  • Tighter contact density: High circuit count in a small 1.2” diameter package provides a balance of ergonomics and performance
  • Multiple keying options: Reduces the risk of incorrect mating, improving patient safety.
  • Shielded configurations available: Accommodates the needs of applications where EMI / RFI interference is a factor.
  • Auto-latching coupler system: Tactile and intuitive mating ensures secure connections
  • Environmentally sealed: IPx7 when mated, for applications where fluid may be present.
  • Electrical Characteristics: Typical of electrophysiology and ultrasound, Medi|stac® is rated at 250mA per contact (continuous) and a working voltage of 300vAC
  • Available Product Configurations: Plug- cable mount only; Receptacle- cable mount or panel mount (front or rear)

U.S. Patents 10,050,367 & 10,249,973

Medi | stac ® High Density Fine - Pitch Interconnects FAQ

Are both the Medi|Stac® SPL12 plug and receptacle available as fully terminated cable assemblies?

Yes. We can review your cable selection for the assembly or collaborate with your team to develop the perfect cable for your application. 

What wire gauge range can be terminated to the Medi|Stac® SPL12 flex circuit tails?

Flex tail accommodates conductor sizes ranging between 30-46 AWG.

Is the Medi|Stac® SPL12 customizable?

Yes. We can work with your team to develop an SPL12 customized to fit your exact application requirements. Please contact us through the form below to discuss with one of our Product Specialists.

Are Amphenol Alden’s Medi|Stac® SPL12 products available in distribution?

No, they are not available in distribution. All requests are built to order. Call us for sample availability.


At Amphenol Alden, we are experts for customizing our products to meet your needs, so contact us today to discuss your specific applications or to learn about our next generation of Medi|stac® products.