Collaborative Engineering

Expand your Design Team by partnering with ours

At Amphenol Alden our passion is creating medical interconnect solutions that enhance the end user's experience.  

Dust Cap Cable AttachmentIn order to transform this passion into a physical reality, we provide Engineering services in the most synergetic way we know how.  At the beginning of every project we organize cross-functional teams and then follow a rigorous development process from start to finish. The result is a long-lasting, open, and collaborative relationship with our partners that endures for many years across multiple projects.  

Here are just some of the ways in which our team members bring value to your project:

  • Design: Ergonomic and stylistic considerations help ensure a harmonious visual presentation for your device while enhancing the user’s experience
  • Engineering: Using a myriad set of engineering tools and techniques, we break down your requirements to their fundamental physics so we can build up the best cable assembly solution
  • Integration of Technologies : We leverage technologies from across the entire Amphenol Corporation portfolio to provide you with state-of-the-art interconnect assemblies
  • Tool-Making: Decades of tool design and manufacturing experience ensure quality equipment capable of consistently producing quality components
  • Assembly: "Design for manufacturing" is not just a slogan. Our experienced manufacturing engineers are involved right at the beginning of the design phase and remain a vital part of the team all the way through production
  • Risk Mitigation / Assurance: Risk-management is integrated into the front-end of the design process and combined with in-house verification testing to ensures fewer surprises during launch and throughout production
  • Program Management: A dedicated program manager facilitates open and honest communication between the engineering teams ensuring alignment of objectives and that nothing is overlooked

Contact us to see how we can collaborate and leverage our expertise to create your ideal interconnect cable solution.