Custom Cable Assemblies & Connectors

From cable assembly to connector, we know custom solutions

Custom Cable Assemblies and Connector Solutions

Creating value by integrating technologies is one of our core competencies.

Leveraging the extraordinary breadth of technology found across the Amphenol portfolio as well as our strategic sourcing partners, we have unfettered access to the latest developments in design, materials and manufacturing methodologies of cable assemblies. We can simplify your development process and assist you in achieving your targeted product launch date by identifying an optimal solution for your application and verifying adherence to your requirements with our in-house testing capabilities. Combined, these services allow us to help you improve the user’s experience and differentiate your product.

Service Highlights Include:

Custom Cable

  • Extensive Application Knowledge: Our experienced engineers are well versed in the nuanced interconnect needs for many medical applications, providing us with unique insights when designing the ideal custom interconnect solution for  your  project
  • Extensive Manufacturing Knowledge: Our knowledge of interconnects, cable bundles, termination techniques, and design-for-manufacturability methodologies allows us to create assembly processes which can help eliminate components and optimize your costed-BOM
  • Materials Expertise: We have a broad and deep understanding of which materials provide the best value to you and are best suited to withstand the rigors of everyday use in medical environments 
  • In-House Testing: Our ever-expanding research and development labs feature all the equipment you need, including TDRs / VNAs, force measurements and flex cycling tools, and medical-grade disinfectant washers and sterilization equipment, to accelerate the design verification testing required for your custom solution
  • Cable Bundle Optimization: Working from your performance requirements, we design custom bundles specifically suited to your needs and use our procurement expertise to identify the sourcing partner best suited for the task
  • Hybrid Connector & Cable Assemblies: By combining electrical, optical, fluidic, and/or pneumatic lines into a single assembly we are able to streamline the layout of the system’s interconnects and thereby reduce the likelihood of misconnections

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