pulseOne Cable Assemblies

Your best choice for an off-the-shelf medical cable assembly solution
Pulse One Medical Connectors
The pulseOne over-molded plug and receptacle cable assemblies are designed to meet the growing need for simple, standard, readily available medical-grade cable assemblies. Its ergonomic shape, environmental sealing features, and affordability make pulseOne an ideal choice for diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical devices as well as human-worn applications.

Product Highlights Include:

  • 4 to 14 pole configurations: Multiple standard configuration options makes pulseOne an easy choice for applications ranging from therapy delivery to patient monitoring
  • Friction-fit ‘D’-shaped connectors: pulseOne offers intuitive, easy, push-pull operation for patients and caregivers alike
  • Multiple keying options: pulseOne offers improved patient safety with molded-in features which prevent incorrect connections
  • Shielded connector and cable bundle options: We can help you select the appropriate configuration to reduce the risk of EMI / RFI interference
  • Limited use option: Cost-optimized materials, selected for their compatibility with EtO sterilization, make pulseOne a great choice for single-use applications
  • Multi-use standard configuration: Standard materials compatible with more aggressive chemical wipe-down and 5,000 mating cycles gives pulseOne the endurance needed for the life of your product
  • Intelligent connectors*: Factory incorporation of RFID- or PCBA-options allows you to bring new levels of intelligence to your interconnect system whether you want to track or limit usage, ensure proper system connectivity, or otherwise optimize performance (*non-standard…consult factory)

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pulseOne Cable Assembly FAQ

What are the benefits of a pulseOne cable assembly?

pulseOne offers customers an off-the-shelf ergonomic, cost effective, user friendly cable assembly which can reduce design and development time for your interconnect solutions.

How can pulseOne be customized?

Multiple configurations are available off-the-shelf and further customization can be achieved via OEM specified cable bundles, as well as integrated “smart” electronics. 

Is pulseOne available in distribution?

Yes, pulseOne is readily available in distribution.