What Are the Different Types of Medical Connector Product Solutions?

Medical Connector Product Solutions

There are various types of medical connector product solutions available for your specific needs. Medical connector markets and applications include patient monitoring, minimally invasive surgeries, imaging, electrosurgical devices, electrophysiology, defibrillation, and cosmetic surgery. Professionals in these fields utilize medical connectors to diagnose, treat, and monitor their patients’ health. Learn more about the different types of connectors Amphenol Alden offers and their various purposes:

Pulse-Lok® Connectors

These connectors are ideal when you need a product that is both lightweight and ergonomic. They are also less expensive than typical circular metal connectors that are more common. Our auto-coupling latch mechanism guarantees a secure connection with tactile, audio, and visual engagement. One characteristic that differentiates from our competitors’ connectors is the retention features that protect against disengagement when pulling on the cable. They also facilitate a simple disengagement by driving the connectors away from each other when actuated.

pulseOne Medical Cable Assemblies

Medical grade cable assemblies must be readily available, standard, and easy to use. Amphenol Alden meets these needs with off-the-shelf pulseOne medical cable assemblies. This product is affordable and features environmental sealing and an intuitive design. It can be used in many applications, such as surgical, therapeutic, and diagnostic devices. A few of the pulseOne cable assembly features include intelligent connectors, multi-use standard configuration, a limited-use option, shielded connector and cable bundles, multiple keying options, friction-fit D-shaped connectors, and four to 14 pole configurations.

High Voltage Connectors

High voltage connectors are in high demand for many medical applications, and Amphenol Alden has been supplying leading medical device manufacturers with them for years. Our portfolio of optimized solutions can meet your needs when looking for versatility, efficiency, and product safety in your high voltage connectors.

Whether the applications are in laser therapy systems, cosmetic medicine, advanced imaging, or defibrillation, our connectors’ quality is superior to other products on the market. Some of the highlights of our high voltage connectors include a variety of latching options, silicone over-molded connectors, polarized designs, oil-tight designs, available standard options, and operating voltages from 1kVDC to 100kVDC.

Custom Cable Assemblies

Integrating technologies to create value is one way that Amphenol Alden works to benefit our clients and their medical applications. The technology we use in our medical connector production offers the most advanced materials, designs, and manufacturing processes of cable assemblies. For each of our collaborative designs, we make the development process easy for you and help identify the best solution.

We also use our in-house testing facilities to ensure that we adhere to all your requirements. These measures work together to differentiate your product and improve your clienteles’ experience. When working with our customers on a custom interconnect solution, we offer extensive knowledge in materials, manufacturing, and applications, as well as the capability to optimize and test the product per your needs.

Amphenol Alden for Medical Connectors

Whether they are custom-designed or right off the shelf, Amphenol Alden can provide the medical connectors you need to keep things running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about our medical connector product solutions.