Amphenol Alden: Your Connector Experts

When you choose a medical connector for your needs, you also receive the team behind it. From development and design to engineering and manufacturing, it takes a dedicated group of professionals to provide the highly specialized attention these products demand. Over the past 80 years, Amphenol Alden has built a team of specialists widely considered as the industry’s connector experts.

What Do You Need from Your Medical Connector Supplier?

Medical connectors hold significant health implications for the people who use them. This is a responsibility the Amphenol Alden team takes to heart in each step of our process. While there are many qualities you should look for in a medical connector supplier, these aspects put us above the rest:

  • Expert Engineering: Each of our medical connectors is custom designed and tested to meet its application’s precise specifications. Our highly skilled engineering and research and development (R&D) teams carefully study each connector’s criteria and ensure its performance standards are qualified for its specific use.
  • Attention to Ergonomics: Medical connectors present a unique challenge that other types of connectors do not — they must be mated and unmated during difficult situations. Our team’s focus on ergonomic product design, particularly with our auto-latching medical connector series, Pulse-Lok, ensures intuitive, easy operation that promotes a robust connection while inhibiting mistakes.
  • Material Expertise: Medical connector companies must adhere to unique material requirements from the FDA, such as sterilization, temperature and fluid resistance, lubricity, and flexibility. Our experts have built a deep knowledge base regarding these requirements, ensuring that each of our products exceeds all standards. Better yet, our attention to collaborative engineering keeps the focus on your specific obligation.
  • Exceptional Manufacturing: Above all, medical connectors and medical cable assemblies require a high degree of expertise at all manufacturing stages. At Amphenol Alden, these processes are our specialty, and our attention to precise, contaminant-free manufacturing and quality assurance remains unmatched in the industry.
  • Innovation: As the medical field continues to grow and change, our team of employees is continually adapting. The attention we apply to each client's specific requirements and new developments across the industry allows us to anticipate needs before they arise and overcome obstacles with ease.

The Amphenol Alden Difference

At Amphenol Alden, we’re dedicated to exceeding your already high expectations. As a neighborly company positioned worldwide to meet all of the necessary manufacturing requirements, our status allows us to offer our clients the same culture that got us to where we are today. We maintain a strong focus on the relationships we have with our consumers, which translates into a high-quality level of care for the patients our products serve.

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If you’re searching for the right team of medical connector experts to address your unique needs, look no further than Amphenol Alden. Contact us today to place an order or to request additional information about our products.