Advancements in the Medical Interconnect Market and Applications

Medical device OEMs continue to develop new and exciting products to aid in the imaging, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of diseases, as well as expand the capabilities of existing products. In parallel, medical connector innovators, such as Amphenol Alden, develop new and exciting interconnect solutions to keep up with the evolving trends and growing requirements for our customers.

Here we will discuss the advancements made in the medical cable assembly market and its applications. You will learn about integrated assemblies, connectors, and high-speed and -density connectors.

Trends in the Medical Industry to Watch

When it comes to medical connector markets and applications, our engineers stay on top of industry trends and developments so that we can develop the state-of-the-art products that our customers require. That is why we are among the top interconnect manufacturers preferred by those in need of well-designed medical cable assemblies and connectors. From off-the-shelf solutions to unique, custom cable assemblies, Amphenol Alden offers medical interconnect solutions in reusable configurations as well as connectors meant to be disposable after one use.

Trends we are following include:

Expanding home healthcare and telehealth usage

Prior to the pandemic, home healthcare and telehealth were new and growing markets, and the pandemic simply accelerated that growth. Home healthcare products, and their associated interconnects, must be intuitive and easy to use to ensure a robust dataset is available for doctors to review in order to make informed recommendations and decisions.

Amphenol Alden offers a number of different solutions to meet the needs of this market, including our pulseOne product line. pulseOne is a cost-effective, off-the-shelf cable assembly for customers that is well suited for home healthcare and patient monitoring applications due to its small size, intuitive mating, and resilient materials.

Transmitting more data thru smaller devices for improved functionality

A common trend across multiple medical applications is the desire to either (a) shrink the size of the device without limiting its performance, (b) maintain the size of the device while expanding its capabilities, or (c) do both. Whatever direction is taken, these desires drive a need for cable assemblies and connectors that can support more electrical contacts and wires (colloquially known as “high-density” connectors and cable assemblies) to transmit more information than established connectors offer.

Amphenol Alden’s “high-density” Medi-Stac® SPL12-132 product line offers 132 circuits inside a small, ergonomic, 1.2-inch diameter package and is designed for termination of fine-gage wire (40 AWG and higher). Our fine-gauge wire termination processes and equipment ensure safe and secure termination of wires that are smaller than a human hair.

Integrating different interconnects into a single, hybrid assembly

Simplifying the setup and break-down of the surgical and clinical suite between procedures is a goal of many hospitals, as this helps to improve hospital efficiency and patient outcomes. Some medical devices, such as electrophysiology equipment, require the concurrent use of multiple mediums (i.e., electricity, pneumatics, and/or fluids) for proper diagnosis and treatment. Traditional interconnects usually only support one of these mediums, which requires the connection/disconnection of more than one type of interconnect. Having multiple interconnects on a device can lead to operator error during set-up, delays for procedures, and possible damage to the equipment.

At Amphenol Alden, we are well versed in creating hybrid cable assemblies which integrate various types of interconnects, combining them into a single, streamlined assembly, thus reducing the risk of making an incorrect connection.

Advancements in imaging for improved clarity

During diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, improved visualization of the physiology under review is key to improving patient care.

At Amphenol Alden, we partner with leading OEMs as they develop next-generation imaging systems. Some leverage higher data speeds (to 10 Gbps and beyond) required to transmit higher-definition video images, such as 4kUHD with high-dynamic-range (HDR). Others utilize different wavelengths of light, requiring fiber-optic interconnects to visualize different physiological structures in the body and provide better clarity of the tissue under diagnosis and treatment. Whatever the approach to advanced imaging is, Amphenol Alden has the solution.

Robotic/robotic-assisted therapy

The use of robotics in surgery continues to expand as more and more treatments are approved. Whether the surgery utilizes robotics or not, the connectors and cable assemblies in this field must meet the same demanding requirements that all interconnects must achieve.

We at Amphenol Alden Products work with many leading robotic companies to provide product support across many different areas, from vision systems to disposable surgical devices, and everything in between.

Standard or Customized Medical Connectors From Industry Leaders at Amphenol Alden

While some applications are well suited toward using off-the-shelf medical connectors, in most cases, our customers require additional service with custom cable assemblies.

With our many years in the industry, the engineering and design experts at Amphenol Alden are well-positioned to stay on top of advances in the healthcare industry, focusing on cutting-edge advances and changes to medical connectors. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to surgical cable assemblies and other types of medical interconnect systems.