Your 2020 Guide to Medical Connectors

Medical Connectors

A new year is quickly approaching, and medical establishments across the country are taking inventory of the supplies and equipment they need to continue providing high-quality patient care. Of these products, many healthcare operations will need to upgrade their medical connectors – one of the most overlooked yet important supplies. Medical connectors are crucial for ensuring appropriate device functionality and maintaining efficient treatment centers.

As you take your medical practice into 2020, it’s essential to know a few key facts about medical connectors from the connector experts at Amphenol Alden. We provide a variety of products intended for use in all types of healthcare environments, from family practice examination rooms to highly sensitive operation suites.

Here’s what you need to know about medical connectors going into the new year.

Types of Medical Connectors

Different medical devices and equipment used in the healthcare industry require specialized types of connectors. Here are some of the most common varieties:

  • Disposable Medical Connectors Medical treatment centers must follow strict decontamination and sterilization protocols to ensure patient and staff safety. Luckily, disposable medical connectors provide a cost-effective and sanitary option.
  • Medical Cable Connectors Secure and ergonomic connectors help ensure that medical devices function appropriately in fast-paced environments. Medical cable connectors from Amphenol Alden keep devices securely connected to power sources at all times.
  • Disposable Auto-Latching Medical Cable Connectors Amphenol Alden offers disposable auto-latching medical cable connectors for appropriate pairing with a secure fit. Their disposability makes them a cost-effective and sterile choice for most medical treatment environments.
  • Plastic Receptacle Medical Cable Connectors The Pulse-Lok plastic receptacle medical cable connectors from Amphenol Alden feature machined gold-plated contacts with crimp/solder contact terminations. These features ensure secure connections and reliable performance for a wide range of medical devices and equipment.
  • Plastic Plugs The medical industry relies on countless types of plastic devices. Plastic plugs from Amphenol Alden provide top performance in a variety of treatment environments, ensuring reliable and safe connections for a wide array of cabled devices.

Amphenol Alden develops customized medical connectors to meet your exact performance and safety standards. Every one of our highly skilled engineers studies design criteria extensively for each project to deliver products that perform admirably under the most rigorous conditions. We understand that many of our customers rely on our medical connectors during life-or-death situations when seconds can make the difference in saving a patient’s life during a critical medical event. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality products possible.

Medical connectors from Amphenol Alden ensure safe, reliable, and robust performance in the most high-risk circumstances. Our customers can expect exceptional manufacturing at every stage of our product development through collaborative engineering and close attention to material requirements from the FDA and other regulatory bodies.

Ready to Enhance Your Healthcare Operations in 2020? Amphenol Alden Can Help

When you choose Amphenol Alden products for your medical connector needs, you invest in a company with more than 80 years of experience serving the medical community. Contact Amphenol Alden today to learn more about the medical connectors your healthcare practice needs for 2020.